"The most important thing we can do is help preserve the will of the people. In order to do that, it is essential for government to be transparent in everything. We simply cannot provide integrity without showing transparency."

- Gerard Ramalho

Election Transparency


Ensuring the integrity of our elections is essential and must be a priority for our elected officials. Voter participation is at an all-time high and we need to provide a fair and safe election process that guarantees every single vote matters. Gerard will push for establishing a Voter I.D. requirement and will fight against the practice of ballot harvesting.  It’s imperative we protect Nevada's election results and preserve the will of its individual citizens and protect elections from outside influences.

Creating Opportunity for All

Opportunity is not just for the rich. Our elected officials should be concerned with ensuring every single individual has access to the same opportunities as others. Gerard wants Nevada to be on the front lines when it comes to investing in the next generation. He will work with businesses in Nevada and help provide better training and expanded opportunity for potential job seekers.

Create a Better Business Climate

Gerard wants to make sure Nevada is focused on helping businesses thrive here in Nevada rather than standing in their way. Nevada needs a more predictable business climate as opposed to one that is threatened every time the legislature goes into session. Gerard sees stability as one of the most important things Nevada should be offering the business community.



Public Officials are elected by the people and should answer to the people. Gerard feels strongly that we should hold our elected officials accountable and that the people should be part of the process. 

Investing in Innovation

Innovation is everything. We have to look down the road and into the future. We need to think long term and focus on solutions rather than just temporary fixes. Nevada has some of the best and brightest minds in the country and we need them to be involved in how we shape Nevada's future. Gerard intends to bring innovators businesses, and government together in order to move Nevada forward.

Recruit New Business to Nevada

Nevada should strive to be the easiest and most efficient state for new business start ups. Gerard wants to streamline the online business portal and include local and county governments in the process, so businesses can do everything in one place.  He believes it’s time Nevada reviewed its licensing requirements for workers. We need to eliminate unnecessary burdens that might stand in the way of both those already in Nevada, and those wanting to relocate to Nevada. .